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Welcome to Hot-Can!

Hot-Can has created a revolutionary smart packaging that is self-heating. By combining Hot-Can's patented design and technology with state of the art manufacturing, Hot-Can brings consumers a new and affordable way to drink hot beverages on the go.

Today's active lifestyles demand speed and convenience and Hot-Can delivers this to commuters, executives and even moms on the go. Hot-Can is a pioneer in the smart packaging arena and is setting new standards for quality, performance, speed and pricing of self-heating beverages in the global market.

QR CodeHot-Can continues to develop innovative new products such as the self-heating baby formula smart packaging with built-in nipple for parents on the go and food steamers that heat solid food.

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  Is Hot-Can safe for the environment?

Yes. Not only is the container recyclable, it also complies with beverage container recycling laws, or “Bottle Bills”, that provide financial incentive to consumers for recycling.
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  What makes it heat up?

Hot-Can has developed a special double chambered aluminum can which contains the beverage in the outer chamber and holds water and calcium oxide (quick lime) ...
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